Circumnavigating the entire British coastline tracking a drawn line using HD film and GPS plotting as a way of tracing the physical border between land and sea.

I’m recording conversations and stories along the way to create a 6440 mile ‘drawing’  inclusive and participatory by nature. Its a way of documenting people’s experiences, relationships and connection to the coast, and enjoying the fact of never knowing what will be said next and where conversations will lead.

The site collects insights into stories personal experiences of lives along the coast that often go unrecorded and missed by history.


Rationale, concept and aims



Everybody has an Everest. Always wanted to walk the UK coastline since reading 'Kingdom by the sea' by Paul Theroux as a youngster & John Merrill's coastal walk- 'Turn right at Land's end', Raban's 'Coasting' and several texts by Tim Ingold in more recent years.

Its one of the most spectacular and varied coastlines in the world, why would you not?

How long will it take?

The UK Coastline is almost infinite if every rock was traced, 11,072.76 miles at mean high water mark (Ordnance Survey), far more than the approximate 6440 for road travel. First stage is the 870 miles of Welsh Coastal Path that opened May 5th 2012. Estimated 5 year duration

The site

Documents a drawing performance using digital film and GPS data at 12x normal speed, the equipment and software used is readily available.

I'm very interested in hearing from anybody who has something to contribute either through your interest, passion or if what you do connects you to the coastline.


Mail to: jez.hattosh-nemeth [at] uwe.ac.uk

Lavernock: 12.5 miles of drawn graphite line


image © Jez

12.5 miles of graphite line drawing on 26 rolls