Rationale for project, concept and aim

In essence; Performing a line drawing with film and GPS data, interviewing people and documenting their experiences through this website while circumnavigating of the whole British coastline in 5 years +/-

It’s people’s ‘emotive’ connection to the coastline that for me is the important part of this whole project. Psycho and personal geographies withstanding for want of better terms of description. This website records performance based land art immersed in the environment. It is process led research pushing the limits of GPS data and digital HD film as drawing medium measured against time and across landscape. Ultimately researching new technological approaches towards presenting the work and narrative in a meaningful way.

Inspired to an extent by the writings of  Tim Ingold  ‘Ways of Walking’ and ‘Lines: a brief history’, I am exploring the activity and process of drawing as a physical experience. Living life along a line is perhaps a primitive concept against engaging with landscape as spaces and ‘area’ but it resonates with me.

This project traces and tracks a line, on which all recordings are made, films, interviews, sound recordings, photographs. Nothing is preselected other than decisions made in the moment responding to situation, person to person interactions, recording narratives and the geography itself as I push a camera mounted bicycle and walk the coastline.

In its broadest sense this is drawing, deconstructed into each constituent part of the activity, and as drawing it has opportunity to convey meaning. It has the potential to make sense of people’s connections and relationship to this natural border, almost like drawing a portrait. From the material linked across the web, this site collates, collects and stores the responses of this process and methods used -this is not a finished artwork, its a holding pen, or ‘sketchbook’.

A second ‘web 2’ version is presently at the stage of a ‘live’ but not searchable HTML 5 working prototype. It brings together a wider range of locality information, links, live twitter feeds, interviews, publications, mapping and GPS positioning in one interface viewable on more traditional screen based output but possibly new mobile media and touch screen applications.

All thanks to David Gurnsey  (Loopworks) without whose hard work, technical help and 24/7 support, this site, and ultimately the project would never have been possible.


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4 thoughts on “Rationale for project, concept and aim

  1. paul simmons says:

    Fascinated by your journey, your linear video montages and the concept.
    Tim Ingolds’s “ways of walking” is another linked interest.
    Thanks Jez for following walkitcornwall on Twitter also.
    When you make it to Falmouth I would happily walk with you.
    Kind regards

    Paul Simmons walkitcornwall

    • Jez Nemeth says:

      Hi Paul, Falmouth, miss the place terribly, that would be really special Paul, thank you. Ingold’s “Ways of walking” definitely, if you’re interested I have a new paper of his I’ll send you, really facinating. It got me thinking and pondering a lot on the track around the Dale Peninsular this weekend. Ingold constantly brings new perspectives on physical spaces to consider and debate – tried to work out the relevance to walking for my purposes from what he’d written. Be interested to get your thoughts on it too as a walker. Anyway, Falmouth- yes, looking forward to it, given me a target now, and it would be great to meet you

  2. Mike Hall says:

    Hi Jez, good to meet you on the train to Cardiff again today and chat, and great to read about your project, fascinating – look forward to seeing more.

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