Gps data drawing -goals being met, but with considerations

Gpx, to kml now kmz data drawing, looks a little ‘spikey’ at present, importantly the project holds true to its original goals, that the equipment and software used is cheap and freely available, and that the drawing is created by travelling across terrain, rather than re-drawn later which would be really simple to do. Timing is still an issue, Contour cameras are testing various leads, with some success. Gpx data is optimised and exported from ADZE, Kml data then opened and compressed using google earth into Kmz data, then re-imported into google maps which has a gps point limit of 1000 per map line, with potentially millions of gpx points it wouldn’t work, but takes kmz data. We are at the edge of what is achievable using current technology, seems to work for now, fingers crossed.



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