Equipment and software

Website: Produced using a developed version of wordpress tuned for the project -‘site 2’ is Html 5 based.

Gps data from contour camera is processed using ADZE to stitch together and optimize each sequence , Google earth / Google Chrome to output KMZ/KML data to Google maps

Photo Camera: Panasonic GF2 Lumix – pictures, sound recordings and HD video

Digital film Camera: As of  October 2012 now using the new Contour HD plus 2, the first HD plus (version one) broke -second newer version is far superior in every sense -full High Definition mode and GPS positioning, laser leveling, instant record mode too. Interface assessible through Contour’s android app for Galaxy II which acts as a viewfinder and control interface for the camera connected via Bluetooth, takes Class 10 Micro SD 32GB cards which perform well up to 12 hours at best quality 1028 HD recording. Instead of a flatter Ragecams lens as with last camera, using standard which seems to provide a better picture quality than last unit.

Sound recorder: Tascam DR-05 small, light and takes Micro SD cards

Micro SD Cards: Samsung 2x 2GB and 8x 32GB Class 10

Batteries: 3 Contour plus specific batteries, and 25x Nokia BL-5C’s and after market battery chargers. The Nokia’s hold 1020mAh at 3.7V 3.8Wh compared to the Contour’s 1050mAH 3.7V 3.8Wh. These would seem to be a perfectly safe alternative at a fraction of the price of one contour battery -downside is twofold, ensuring the ones you buy are not cheap copies and they last 2.5 hours instead of the Contour’s 2.75 -3 hours depending on temperature.

Mobile device is also Camera’s interface -Samsung Galaxy II S

Solar charger for devices, 5.5V output

Anemometer: Measuring windspeed and temperature

Yeti bicyles: Yeti Arc-x 2009, Yeti Kokopelli 2002   -bicycle version of a campervan with Ortlieb panniers, Old Man Mountain suspension pannier rack and Led Lenser T7 lighting Occasionally for fun I use either an old 1938 Selbach or an old 1940-Evans Bicycle, Sturmey Archer FM 4 Speed hub and state-of-the art Resilion brakes, and blackout strip, Wow!

1940-Evans Bicycle, Sturmey Archer FM 4 Speed hub and Resilion Brakes, Wow!

Accomodation: Wild Country tent, Ajungilak sleeping bag, 1989 VW T25 Camper


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