Nash Point to Porthcawl

Parked the van at Newton bay and just before 10.00am talked with Rob Jones whose feed I picked up from twitter. Rob is the countryside management officer for Bridgend CC, Where a group of volunteers was preparing to sweep Newton beach of litter. Rob organizes these events and others regularly along the Heritage coastline. I really got a sense of the deep passion and enthusiasm Rob has for what he does. Filming was to start at Nash point so walked down the coast to the Ogmore end of Newton beach, and finding the river uncrossable followed it inland, arrived at a ford which was too deep to cross, but was fine for a group of riders from the local riding center across the river -as coincidence would have it I had a good chat with the last rider, Bill, he’d heard of me from his mate Steve who I’d interviewed at Llantwit a few weeks before! He gave me clear directions to get through Merthy-mawr’s dunes to a car park, Candleston castle and a roadway to a swing bridge and stepping stones across to Ogmore castle. I stopped to watch role playing in the woods, a wedding where I wished the bride luck and headed for Southerndown. The coastal path was having some work done due to erosion, and in a few places had to carry the bike up and down hanging valleys, so called because the cliffs were breaking away faster than the streams could cut down. Tide had turned when I started filming at Nash and headed toward Dunraven bay which was breathtaking. Past Witch’s point, Southerndown beach, and on towards Ogmore and the river. Although only 100 yards across, the rising tide prevented me from crossing, so retracing my earlier steps, back over the stepping stones, through the Warren and up towards Newton and Porthcawl before the light faded utterly -about 25 miles there and back.

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