Film 9

Porthcawl to Port Talbot from Coast-line on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Film 9

  1. mal davies says:

    hi jez mal from porthcawl here. this oldie remembered the website! enjoyed the vid, thanks for the mention! see you were up late posting the blog you must have been knackered!! I am not the cafe owner thats another mal! ( i was landlord of the jolly sailor in newton for 12 years, left in 2008) and the mal is for maldwyn not malcolm. I will keep up with your progress, good luck with the future journey

    • Jez Nemeth says:

      Hi Mal, Great to meet you mate, well remembered! Doubless we’ll meet up again sometime when I get the longboard out at Rest this summer. Quite inspirational keeping the coastline clear of trash mate. Till then – Very best, jez

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