Porthcawl to Port Talbot

Heavy rain at first cleared later, the clouds were stunning as the day brightened. Talked with quite a few people along the way as I headed out of Porthcawl past Rest Bay, Scare point and onto Kenfig sands where much of ‘a matter of life and death’ starring David Niven and Kim Hunter was shot in 1946. From there along the beach to Port Talbot and Margam Park. I returned by road through Pyle and eventually through Kenfig dunes where Time team had been excavating the castle surrounded by a sizable buried town a few weeks before. Ran across Mal Davies as it got dark, ex-lifeguard and ex-landlord of the ‘Jolly Roger’ who was collecting litter from the coastal path, purely because he wanted to. A mine of local information and great company as we walked back to Rest Bay. 12 miles filming, 23 miles all in and quite dark when I got back to the van.

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