Film 20

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4 thoughts on “Film 20

  1. Alaric Whalley says:

    Good to speak with you today at the Newgale surf lifesaving hut.Wish you all the best with your project. e~mail me when you are down next and we could show you some of the caves. Best wishes Alaric.

    • Jez Nemeth says:

      Really grateful to Richard and yourself Alaric for taking time out to chat, what a place to work! What a time and place to be part of, could have chatted all day with you both. Let you know next time I’m down for next stretch of the walk, looks like two weeks time starting at the Newgale surf lifesaving hut -many thanks again to you both and look forward to catching up

  2. Johnny 2 bad parr. says:

    Fantastic site Jez,very addictive viewing.You are the Coastal Pilgrim! see you soon.

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