It’s not what you do, its the way you have to do again it several times over….

In a freak accident, a moment of lapse, some seemingly unneeded files were deleted from the desktop -life continued, the earth turned, summer rolled on, and then the Trash was emptied.


The missing 8o miles of film was not detected until this week, a search of the internet and with international exchange being what it is, I parted with a good slice of my hard-earned for a piece of software that professed to make this waking nightmare disappear like early morning mist on a sunny day.  Some files were recovered, even so, with 30 miles still missing I’m on track for another visit to the Llyn Peninsula this weekend, and two short coastal sections of Anglesea at Rhosneigr again which are unwatchable. Had planned rather to be down on the south coast where I’ve only filmed from Kent and East Sussex as far as Worthing this year (Cornwall planned over the winter and into next summer). Have recordings, have photo’s of the Llyn all the way to Caernavon -just no sign of the films. So I just see it as another part of the journey and put it down to experience.


In the meanwhile we’ve had Hannah, Chico and Ryhs come to stay in the Hotel de Wheels on their circumnavigation of Wales, they stayed in Chepstow with Mr Warren Bateman the night before. Amazing place at Beachley where which he’s built platforms out from the sea cliff with several acres of floodplain below. Great company -we miss them, lots, they were fabulous guests. Chico was quite the celebrity hanging his head over the gate every morning to the delight of school children passing in their first week back from holidays and passing commuters who each inturn slowed down in disbelief -something reminicent of the 70’s programme ‘the good life’ I thought. He even became a house donkey a few times gingerly entering the conservatory looking for Hannah. And he did all the gardening, mowed the grass, cropped back the raspberries and left what Hannah calls “Chico chocs” to restart the winter compost -perfect.

It was Jeanie’s first week back to school like most of the children in Wales, certainly those whose parents who were not going on any inter-continental holidays which invariably means taking your kiddies out of school during term time. As an educator I can’t agree with it, frustrating for teaching staff, yet I fully sympathize with the parents though,  forced to jeapordise their kids education because the travel industry is implicit in a catch-22 style monopoly and there’s moves afoot to financially penalize parents up to two hundred pounds a day per child; that will be well received I’m sure, there will be be a lot of children with ‘flu’ over the coming years as schools can happily remove them from the ‘gone on holiday’ statistical data map they are scrutinised by. So following Jeanie, Chico went to school too in Caldicot, for an eventful morning’s assembly and general spoiling by the children -which can be seen here on her blog ‘Seaside donkey’ about the Ysgol Grmraeg y ffin visit to Caldicot.


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