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British Coast path Walkers

David Cotton’s excellent website features a list of walkers who have walked in the past or are presently walking the entire coast of Britain, either as I am in sections, sequentially or as John Merrill did in its entirety in a single herculean effort.

An excellent resource is Phil Sorrell’s superb site social hiking . The site records walks and detail in realtime, storing data, media and imagery of the activity -a very popular site with adventurers across Europe and further afield. Includes walkers, by cycle and at time more unusual forms of traveling across spaces : twitter: @DaylightGambler

Welsh Coastal Walkers -so far

Dragon Run

Anne-Marie “Arry” Beresford-Webb ran all the way round Wales last year, 39 successive days with a marathon everyday.  So far she has collected nearly £10,000 pounds for Velindre Cancer Centre’s Stepping Stones Appeal. Amazing effort!

Dragon Walk

Steve Webb collecting for his school St David’s College.

Walk Wales 1027

Dave Quarrell collecting for Cancer Research Wales.

Wath Walk 2012

Zoe Wathen

Wales Coast Challenge

Kyle Samuel, Adam Robinson, and Marcus Thomas, are aiming to walk the coast path (870 miles), in 30 days.

Walk on Wales

August through to October 11 teams will be walking the coast path aiming to raise £1 million for the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal and Combat Stress.

Walking Wales 4 MND

Justin Hostettler-Davies is walking from Prestatyn to Porthcawl (670 miles), starting July 12th, to raise funds and awareness of Motor Neurone Disease.

Rosie Unsworth

Rosie is walked the Coast Path clockwise collecting for WaterAid.  She finished on 15th July 2013 and is the first Brazilian to complete the Wales Coast Path.


Will is walking the full periphery to promote outdoor activity in Wales for the youth.  He is the youngest person to do the complete circuit since the Wales Coast Path opened.

Donkey around Wales

Hannah Engelkamp is walking around Wales to and from Aberystwyth where she was brought up with Chico a seaside Donkey.

Alan Dix

Heading a technological tour of Wales discussing issues and impact on communities along the border and entire coastpath of Wales -just completed his journey on the 29th of July in Cardiff, I also have much of the links content of this list to thank him for…

Steve Plant

Currently completing the welsh coast path

Paddy Dillon

Explorer and walking travel article writer -enthralling stories and tales of the trail. He has travelled extensively, writing and illustrating thousands of magazine articles, contributing to almost every outdoor title over the years. He has written and illustrated over 60 guidebooks, covering walking areas and long-distance trails, with contributions to 30 more books.